Hi, I'm Tina

I live in Kansas City with my husband, Chris. I love spending time with my family, going on roadtrips, being near any type of water makes me feel at peace, especially the ocean. I enjoy treasure hunting for vintage home goods. I'm an enneagram 4 which means I feel things deeply, enjoy making things beautiful, love having deep and meaningful conversations, and strive to live a purposeful and authentic life. I feel the most alive when I'm being creative, traveling or hanging out with the people I love. I believe what makes me a good photographer is that I'm empathetic to others feelings and am able to capture peoples true personalities because of it.

My Philosophy

I love capturing authentic, honest moments that you want to remember forever. Photographs that make you feel something. I prefer to photograph you as you truly are and feel posing you creates this facade of someone you are not. I want to create images that your future generations can look back on and maybe understand a little more about what you were like, and not just what you looked like. My favorite photos of my family are the candid, authentic moments, where I can easily transport myself into.

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E & B

“Tina is truly the most thoughtful artist and photographer I have ever known. She puts so much care into every photo, during the session and in the edit. Being a photographer myself, I’m unnecessarily picky when it’s comes to photos of myself but I’ve LOVED every photo Tina has taken of me. She truly has an incredible eye for capturing the unique beauty in every person. On top of all her talent, she is so much fun to be around and will have you giggling through the whole photoshoot!”

01 / 11

“There’s the feeling, and the right reading – that’s all you really need to know; the right light and the feeling.”